01. Planning


Every project is unique and requires the most different demands for the design process. To make it as efficient as possible, we define aims with our clients which concern the workflow, the extent of single phases, milestones to be reached, the communication and of course the product, USPs [unique selling propositions] and the brand effect itself. Together we devise a clear briefing which constantly conducts us in the process and ensures a linear progress. Not until then the project starts [kick-off].


02. Research


To develop a clear product language, we survey the relevant market, the target group and analyse the competitors in the areas of product, brand and design. This results in a clear positioning of the competitive environment and our client. From this knowledge we can compile, in close collaboration with our customers, a target positioning for the product to be developed [product, brand, design] and create a coherent, visual statement in the next steps.


03. Ideation


We start with a quantitative ideation an brainstorming process within the scope of a comprehensive view on the product, the portfolio and the brand. Besides, we develop sketches and ideas which elaborate the product architecture, the creation and implementing of style guidelines [corporate design], USPs and technical solutions which apply in the later process.

The aim is to generate a multitude of ideas and preconcepts. Ergonomics could be verified by first mock-up models.

04. Concepts

Phase 3 is a target-oriented elaboration of different concepts and variations [taking technical packages and all knowledge from the previous phases into account] on the basis of realistic renderings with a high level of detail.

Verifying of the concepts by ergonomics models, tests with the target group / consumer.

Evaluation of the concepts with the client and choosing of one concept.

05. Design

In this phase the chosen concept is worked out and finalized in all details. Then we prepare the 3D CAD data of the form-giving exterior surfaces and provide it to the customer in the desired file format. Furthermore we develop exact specifications [spec sheets] of the materials, surfaces, colors and graphics, as well as exact graphics and logo positionings [CTG_color trim & graphics].


06. Post Processing


engineering support


graphic design

advertising material

POS [point of sale]

exhebition design