NEWS [Summer2016]


5 weeks of supporting startup projects for ABInBev in NYC
NEWS [June.01.2015]


New location: Auwaldgasse 53a, 8041 Graz, Austria

NEWS [March.29.2014]

DESIGN THINKING _ OBERWELZdesign extends services

Implementation of a separated innovation process (Innovation by Design Thinking).
In addition to our classical process we put an extra focus on Human Centered Design.

NEWS [March.29.2014]

VISUAL STORYTELLING _ OBERWELZdesign extends services

Implementation of a new service.

grObe [cooperation]


grObe is a project collective of OBERWELZdesign and design office groiss peter. Once a year both creative offices meet in absolute seclusion around themselves to work on a subject/project far from the daily business.



NEWS [Nov.2013]

Development of a new and fresh way to visualise logistics services

Thanks to DREIF logistics and their visionary and courageous approach we were able create a sketchy and emotional style for the homepage pictures.



LINK to DREIF logistics

NEWS [Feb.06.2013]
KETTLER Racer S: ISPO AWARD GOLD winner 2013.

KETTLER has won one of the most ambitious ISPO Awards 2013. In the category Performance the KETTLER RACER S is awarded by an international jury in the category of Fitness Gear as Gold Winner. 



NEWS [Jan.14.2013]

Homepage update

Implementation of new features and a complete new category: "gallery"
We would be pleased to receive your ideas and suggestions to improve and enrich the experience on our homepage.
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NEWS [Oct.2012]


The D12 VR (Vintage Revival) is a reference large-diaphragm dynamic microphone with cardioid polar pattern. Designed specifically for kick-drum recording applications, the microphone has a thin diaphragm to enhance the low frequency performance.

designed at KISKA (Oberwelz/Thusbass)

NEWS [Sep.2012] 

published in the "garden unique Design Contest IDEABOOK 2012".


NEWS [June 01.2012]
"Pavillon" Submission for the design award of the "spoga+gafa 2012" fair

published in the magazine "Exklusive Wohnwelten".

NEWS [Jan.01.2012]

KETTLER Racer S _produkt launch at the ISPO Munich 2012.

The first high-end speed bike with intuitive smartphone control.

> project link >

> LINK to

NEWS [Jan.09.2012]

Homepage launch

After the inofficial launch on Dez.24.2011, the final version of is now online. We will do our best to variegate your visit with constant updates and new pictures. We would be pleased to receive your ideas and suggestions to improve and enrich the experience on our homepage.
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NEWS [Dec.20.2011]

MEO bisque ware art 2010-2011

We are happy to be part of the realisation of the second MEO photo book ["HYBRIS"] of ceramic art again. Responsible for the photography of the art objekts and the layout in the book. This soft-cover edition shows the unique glaze and remarkable surfaces next to the fascinating objects of the artist and serves as portfolio and as a catalogue on art exhibitions.

NEWS [Dec.01.2011]

Phagos 2.0

Remake of the diploma thesis Phagos, an automated roadheader, designed at the FH JOANNEUM in Graz in 2005. Supervisors: FH-Prof.DI. Gerhard Heufler, FH-Prof.DI.Dr. Georg Wagner]

> project link > 

NEWS [ Feb. 02.2011]


The new KETTLER hometrainer Polo M and the crosstrainer Vito M were presented at the ISPO. The two entry products into the world of the KETTLER HKS selection.

> project link  POLO M >
> project link   VITO M >

NEWS [Jan.17.2011]


Market launch of the new generation of HEIDENHAIN angle encoders; series: RCN 200 / 700 / 800

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NEWS [Apr.20.2010]


Market launch of the new MENNEKES PowerTOP® Xtra: high voltage connector

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NEWS [Apr.01.2010]


Foundation of OBERWELZdesign, an industrial design agency, located in Graz, which has specialized on innovation and the design of consumer and investment goods. It serves international clients with ideas and strategies for brands and products from the first sketch to commercial viability.