• industrial design & strategic product design

Industrial Design & Strategic Product Design 
Our market orientated and strategic approach

Design as a strategical tool makes products and brands experienceable, recognizeable and successful on the market.

In close collaboration with our clients we create products and strategies, which guarantee a strong, clear and distinctive brand appearance. We develop unique style guidelines which are applicable on single products or a whole product portfolio and makes a brand recognizable at the first level of perception.

The combination of consumer needs, technical feasibility and the market ability in the design process creates intelligent products.

Our focus is the creation of products which not only fulfil and excel customer needs and expectations, but touch and create an emotional value - products which are intuitively in their use, ease and enrich our lifes. We create innovative and future-orientated solutions which make the customer experience and understand an objekt, a brand or a company value and therefore generate desire, trust and loyalty.

The goal is to design products which are lasting on the market, premium in functionality and material and above all, authentic. Beside the differentiation of competitors, brand recognition, the non-verbal communication of technical competence and brand values, we lay a main attention to the implementation of assortment logics and on a clear and uniform product language which structures complicated innovation portfolios and assortment architectures.

Design work which is integrated into the innovation process early and directly combines formative, market-related and technical aspects, creates sophisticated, consistent and competitive products.