• Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling & narrative Moodboards

Visual Storytelling, Mood-& Storyboards are a vital part of Design Thinking and Human Centered Design as a visual prototype for user experience, services or processes. Successive drawings, fotos and videos tell stories and create scenarios to identify or verify behaviors, interactions and emotional reactions. 
Beyond this it is also a good possibility to put an idea, a future product or an early design concept into the right environment and mood. It can show the emotional value and desirability behind the pure functions, materials and shapes. Visual user scenarios and experiences can help start-ups finding investors and raise funding.

Quality levels:
A _ (high quality) atmospheric, cinematic composition
B _ (mid quality) UX / conceptional mood art
C _ (low quality) sketches / scribbles

Content levels:
1 _ coherent storylines
2 _ key situations / experiences
3 _ usage / funktions

eg.: sketchy, coherent story = C1