OBERWELZdesign is an industrial design studio specialized on strategic product design & user centered innovation. We serve international clients with ideas and strategies for brands and products from the first sketch to commercial viability. Our goal is to create products with relevance, solutions that make a product more successful and meet the true needs of its users. Our way of working can also result in a redesign of services, processes, strategies, new business models and a combination of them - we create whole user experiences.








"The WHY is important to us."

The complexity and variety of different goals make each project unique. Whether clients want to diversify their product range, achieve a better position on the market or venture a new market entry, whether they want to identify and fulfil true customer needs or address hidden motivations in consumer behavior in a targeted manner.

To understand why things are the way they are, it is important to ask the right questions. The search for the right problem statement, an unbiased research, interviews, observations and the search for deep understanding and meaning hold an amazing solution potential.


"Beautiful design doesn't mean it's good design."

Good design combines consumer needs, technical feasibility and marketability in the process and creates competitive products that are recognizable, functional, but above all coherent and credible. It creates intuitive and user-friendly products that enrich and touch our lives. Innovative and future-oriented solutions that make the brand promise and the values of a company tangible and thus generate desire, trust and loyalty among consumers.

Design as we understand it must do more than please the eye. It creates benefits and not features. It fulfills needs and not requirements.


A flexible team:

Our most important team members are the client and his customers. They are involved in the iterative design process as often as possible in order to achieve the best and most efficient result. In addition, OBERWELZdesign works with selected talents and specialists who fit the requirements and size of every project.

DI(FH) Ulrich Oberwelz, MA


Ulrich completed his studies at the University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum Graz in 2005. He began his career as a product designer at BFdesign in Nuremberg and designed products for AOL, BenQ, Fujitsu, Siemens Gigaset and Grundig. In 2007 he deepened his understanding of strategic product design at Kiska in Salzburg, where he worked on designs for AKG, Braun, Heidenhain, Hilti, JBL, Kettler, Mennekes and others.


In 2010, Ulrich founded OBERWELZdesign, the design office for strategic product design and user-centered innovation, and has since served clients such as Kettler, AVL, WhatWatch, ICG, Vogel & Noot, as well as Anheuser Bush InBev, Vitra, Elo Touch Solutions, Taser, etc. for the design office Shibuleru (Lukas Scherrer).


In 2018 Ulrich Oberwelz completed the master’s degree in Innovation Management at Campus02 in order to be able to offer clients even more innovation tools and to support them in their visions and strategic goals in the best possible way.



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